First Sightings 2017

NCR = New Earliest County Record


Common Name Date Location Recorders
 Small Skipper   09 June  Hazelbury Common near Box  Richard Pooley
 Essex Skipper  18 June  Porton Down  SDNHS
 Silver-spotted Skipper  10 August  Porton Down  Sarah Atkinson
 Large Skipper  22 May  Grimstead Down (Dean Hill)  Matthew Oates
 Dingy Skipper  18 April  West Yatton Down and Battlesbury Hillfort  Maurice Avent, Sarah Archer
 Grizzled Skipper  11 April  Battlesbury Hillfort, Warminster  Simon Crampin
 Clouded Yellow  24 May  DTE SP(W), Duck Valley, Imber Ranges  Iain Perkins
 Brimstone  17 February  Calne  Darcia Gingell
 Large White  08 April  Corsham garden  Alan Carpenter
 Small White  25 March  Bradford-on-Avon & Harnham near Salisbury  Mike Fuller, Richard Carter
 Green-veined White  02 April          River Avon near Charlton All Saints  Steve Oakes
 Orange-tip  27 March  Salisbury garden  Lena Street
 Green Hairstreak (NCR)  30 March  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Frank & Christine Crosier
 Brown Hairstreak (adult)  25 July  Near Shipton Bellinger on county boundary  Alan Thornbury
 Purple Hairstreak  16 June  Picket Wood, Savernake Forest  Mike Fuller, Andy Bolton
 White-letter Hairstreak  21 June  Ravensroost Wood WWT. DTE SP(E), Tidworth  Robin Griffiths, Mike Lockwood
 Small Copper  22 April  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill and Pewsey Downs NNR  Richard Carter, John Williams
 Small Blue (NCR)  22 April  Pewsey Downs NNR, Milk Hill  John Williams
 Silver-studded Blue  11 June  Landford Bog WWT reserve  John Martin
 Brown Argus  02 May  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Richard Carter
 Common Blue  08 May  Park Bottom, Sherrington  Nick Wynn
 Chalkhill Blue  07 July  Hazelbury Common  Brian Seaman
 Adonis Blue  08 May  Bratton, Patcombe Hill  Sarah Archer
 Holly Blue  25 March  Calne near Wilts & Berks Canal  Darcia Gingell
 Duke of Burgundy   01 May  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Rob Howe
 White Admiral  12 June  Picket Wood near Yarnbrook  Mike Fuller
 Purple Emperor  19 June  Bentley Wood (Notebook)  via Dave Law
 Red Admiral  18 January  Lydiard Tregoze, west Swindon  Lindsay Rumming
 Painted Lady  26 March  Corsham garden  Alan Carpenter
 Small Tortoiseshell  17 February  Pewsey Vale School, Pewsey  Richard Carter
 Large Tortoiseshell      
 Peacock  08 January  Oyster's Coppice WWT reserve  David Rear
 Comma    09 March  5 localities  5 Recorders
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  21 May  Bentley Wood  Richard Carter
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  22 April  Alderbury garden adjacent to Ivychurch Wood  Gerald Nicholls
 Dark Green Fritillary  09 June  Porton Down   Sarah Atkinson
 Silver-washed Fritillary  14 June  Ravensroost Wood, Green Lane Wood  Robin Griffiths, Brian Seaman
 Marsh Fritillary (adult)  06 May  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Geoffrey Hiscocks & Alan Carpenter
 Speckled Wood  25 March  KAC towpath transect, Bradford-on-Avon  Mike Fuller
 Wall  02 May  Bratton Castle earthworks transect  Mike Fuller
 Marbled White  13 June  Bratton Castle earthworks & Figsbury Ring transects  Mike Fuller, Dave Lawman
 Gatekeeper (NCR)  04 June  DTE SP(E), Silk Hill  Julie Moon
 Meadow Brown  28 May  Trowle Common, Trowbridge. Foavant Down  Sarah Archer, Gordon Mackie
 Ringlet  02 June  Ravensroost Wood Meadows WWT reserve  Jane Deacon
 Small Heath  02 May  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill & Cotley Hill  Richard Carter, Christine Crosier
First Sightings 2016

CR = New Earliest County Record


Common Name Date Location Recorders
 Small Skipper (CR)  28 May  Martinsell Hill near Wootton Rivers  Ray Jenkins
 Essex Skipper  4 July  Biss Wood near Trowbridge  Sarah Archer
 Silver-spotted Skipper  3 August  Porton Down  Sarah Atkinson
 Large Skipper  24 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Steve Button
 Dingy Skipper  03 May   Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Christine Crosier
 Grizzled Skipper  20 April  Cotley Hill & Figsbury Ring (NT)  Brian Seaman, Dave Lawman
 Clouded Yellow  22 July  Cotswold Water Park, Lake 74  Nick Adams
 Brimstone  16 February  Stratford Tony Down near Coombe Bissett  Frank Crosier et al.
 Large White  02 April  Clanger Wood (WT) near Westbury  Brian Seaman
 Small White  21 March  Royal Wootton Bassett  Richard & Judy Gosnell
 Green-veined White  20 April  Black Dog Woods, Dilton Marsh  Nick Wynn
 Orange-tip  02 April  Clanger Wood (WT) near Westbury  Brian Seaman
 Green Hairstreak  20 April  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Brian Seaman
 Brown Hairstreak (adult)  30 July  Ravensroost Wood, North Wiltshire  Robin Griffiths
 Purple Hairstreak  5 July  Green Lane Wood WWT reserve, Trowbridge  Ann Culliford
 White-letter Hairstreak  2 July  Bentley Wood    Notebook (no name given)
 Small Copper  08 May  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Richard Carter
 Small Blue  12 May  DTE SP(C), Larkhill, &  A350 Upton Scudamore  Mike Lockwood, Jane Cole
 Silver-studded Blue  12 June  Landford Bog WWT reserve  John Martin
 Brown Argus  13 May   DTE SP(C) Larkhill  Mike Lockwood
 Common Blue  14 May    West Yatton Down, Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Chalkhill Blue  17 July  West Yatton Down, Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Adonis Blue  14 May  Bratton Castle Earthworks  Mike Fuller
 Holly Blue  12 April  Trowbridge garden, Poulshot garden  Paul Fuller, Jim Nichols
 Duke of Burgundy   08 May  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Richard Carter
 White Admiral  27 June  Clanger Wood near Westbury  Mike Fuller
 Purple Emperor  07 July  Bentley Wood  Notebook (no name given)
 Red Admiral  08 January  Salisbury  Peter Matthews
 Painted Lady  14 May  Wallmead Farm, Tisbury  Peter Shallcross
 Small Tortoiseshell  18 February  Knowle, Pewsey  Marc Arbuckle
 Large or Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell      
 Peacock  04 February  East Chisenbury  Bob Hastie
 Comma    11 March  Mouldon Canal, West Swindon  Wayne Clinch
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  29 May  Bentley Wood  Mike Gibbons
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  04 May  Blackmoor Copse WWT reserve, Farley  Roy & Sara Cowley
 Dark Green Fritillary  16 June  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill (east)  Mervyn Grist
 Silver-washed Fritillary  23 June  Bentley Wood, Hawksgrove  Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
 Marsh Fritillary (adult)  08 May  DTE SP(W), Scratchbury Hill, Heytesbury  Simon Crampin

 Speckled Wood

 25 March  Calne  Darcia Gingell
 Wall  08 May  DTE SP(W), Battlesbury Hill, Warminster  Diane Lee
 Marbled White  12 June  Figsbury Ring (NT)  John Notman et al.
 Gatekeeper  6 July  Hazelbury Common, Blakehill WWT, Bentley Wood   Alan Carpenter, Robin Griffiths
 Meadow Brown  5 June  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Ringlet  16 June  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill (east)  Mervyn Grist
 Small Heath  08 May  DTE SP(W), Battlesbury Hill, Warminster  Simon Crampin
First Sightings 2015

CR = New County Record

NB.  All sighting dates are correct as at 22 November 2015

Common Name Date Location Recorders
 Small Skipper  14 June   Boscombe Down 'O' transect  Jane Martin
 Essex Skipper  24 June  Biss Wood WWT reserve near Trowbridge  Audrey Brown
 Silver-spotted Skipper  30 July  Bentley Wood  Pat Woodruffe
 Large Skipper  23 May  A350 Upton Scudamore embankment  Jane Cole
 Dingy Skipper  20 April         Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Mike Fuller, Nick Wynn
 Grizzled Skipper  14 April  Cotley Hill and Figsbury Ring

 Dave Simmonds, Nigel Parsons, Dave  Lawman

 Clouded Yellow  11 June  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Simon Fenner
 Brimstone  19 January  Alderbury near Salisbury  Gerald Nicholls
 Large White  6 April  Bradford-on-Avon  Mike Fuller
 Small White  10 March  Biss Meadows LNR, Trowbridge  Nick Self
 Green-veined White  7 April         Wilton near Salisbury  John Muggleton
 Orange-tip  7 April  5 localities  5 Recorders
 Green Hairstreak  8 April  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  David Simmonds
 Brown Hairstreak (adult)  25 July  Chelworth near Cricklade & near Minety  Robin Griffiths, Matthew Oates
 Purple Hairstreak  1 July  Ravensroost Wood WWT reserve  Robin Griffiths
 White-letter Hairstreak  30 June  DTE SP(C), Larkhill Garrison  Mike Lockwood
 Small Copper  22 April  East Tytherton near Chippenham  Giles Wood
 Small Blue  7 May  Upton Scudamore A350 embankment  Jane Cole
 Silver-studded Blue  15 June  Landford Bog WWT reserve  John Martin
 Brown Argus  21 April  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Helen Rice
 Common Blue  7 May  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Chalkhill Blue  3 July  Calstone Down (NT)  Richard Dallimore
 Adonis Blue  12 May  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Frank & Christine Crosier, Brian Seaman
 Holly Blue  6 April  Landford  John Martin
 Duke of Burgundy   23 April  Dean Hill Park near West Dean  Dave Lowe
 White Admiral  22 June  Farley Copse, east of Salisbury  Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
 Purple Emperor  9 July  Bentley Wood  Dave Simmonds
 Red Admiral  8 January  Wilton garden  Jackie Peart
 Painted Lady  15 April  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
 Small Tortoiseshell  2 January  Upper & Lower Wanborough near Swindon  Martin Savage
 Large or Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell  27 May  Mouldon Hill, west Swindon  Wayne Clinch
 Peacock  8 January  Westbury, Farley, Bradford-on-Avon  Nck Wynn, Sue Walker, Liz Stevens
 Comma    6 March  Black Dog Woods  Nick Wynn
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  13 May  Tytherley Woods  Lizzie Beer et al.
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  22 April  Tytherley Woods  Via David Lambert
 Dark Green Fritillary  7 June  Grovely Wood clearing (east end)  Simon Crampin
 Silver-washed Fritillary  15 June  Blackmoor Copse WWT reserve  Roy & Sara Cowley
 Marsh Fritillary (adult)  3 May  Cotley Hill near Hetyesbury  Mike Gibbons

 Speckled Wood

 6 April  Corsham  Alan Carpenter
 Wall  28 April   Pewsey Downs NNR, Workway Drove  Ben Cooke
 Marbled White  11 June  Roundway Hill Covert, Devizes  Colin Dodd 
 Grayling  15 August  Pound Bottom near Nomansland  Gordon Mackie
 Gatekeeper  23 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert 
 Meadow Brown  4 June  Bentley Wood, Hinton Parva Coombes  Via David Lambert, Alan Cox 
 Ringlet  11 June  Roundway Hill Covert and Sutton Mandeville  Colin Dodd, Guy Collinsplatt 
 Small Heath  29 April        West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Swallowtail  25 May  Amesbury garden (photographed)  Paul Musson
 Monarch  27 Sept.  Stourhead (released)  Richard Otterwell et al.





First Sightings 2014

CR = County Record



Common Name Date Location Recorders
 Small Skipper  6 June  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Frank & Christine Crosier
 Essex Skipper  15 June  DTE SP(C), The Bustard area  Steve Button
 Silver-spotted Skipper  15 July  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett, Charlie Hobbs
 Large Skipper  21 May  Cotley Hill  Steve Button
 Dingy Skipper  18 April  Boscombe Down railway cutting   Jane Martin
 Grizzled Skipper  15 April  Cotley Hill and Boscombe Down railway cutting  Brian Seaman, Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
 Clouded Yellow  11 June  Stonehenge, Cursus & Maddington Down  Keith Steggell, Peter Ridout
 Brimstone  16 February  Various localities  5 recorders
 Large White  9 April  Nettleton Shrub  Pam & David Rutter
 Small White  9 March  Holt and Trowbridge  Alan Carpenter, Brian Seaman
 Green-veined White  2 April  Bradford-on-Avon  Doreen Ellis
 Orange-tip  21 March  Charlton All Saints  Steve & Liz Oakes
 Green Hairstreak  11 April  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Barry Watts, Frank & Christine Crosier
 Brown Hairstreak (adult)  21 July  DTE SP(E)   Steve Button
 Purple Hairstreak  23 June  Clanger Wood  Mike Fuller
 White-letter Hairstreak  21 June  Bentley Wood  Richard Carter
 Small Copper  18 April  Park Bottom near Sherrington  Nick Wynn, Gordon Mackie
 Small Blue  30 April  A350 Upton Scudamore  Jane Cole
 Silver-studded Blue  6 June  Landford Bog WWT Reserve  Ashley White
 Brown Argus  4 May  Westbury garden, DTE(E) Sidbury Hill  Nick Wynn, John Williams
 Common Blue  5 May  Burcombe bank  Gordon Mackie
 Chalkhill Blue  6 July  DTE SP(W), Imber Ranges  Iain Perkins
 Adonis Blue  5 May  Boscombe Down disused railway cutting   Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
 Holly Blue  9 April  Bradford-on-Avon, Charlton All Saints  Rowena Quantrill, Steve & Liz Oakes
 Duke of Burgundy   14 April  Dean Hill Park near East Dean  Dave Lowe    
 White Admiral  17 June  Bentley, Green Lane & Grovely Woods   David Lambert, Brian Seaman, Dave  Simmonds
 Purple Emperor  22 June  Grovely Wood  Steve Button
 Red Admiral  2 January  Woodfalls garden near Downton  Hazel & Malcolm Lewis
 Painted Lady  20 May  Wylye Down NNR  Gordon Mackie
 Small Tortoiseshell  11 January  Tisbury and Westbury gardens  David Rear, Nick & Hilary Wynn
 Large Tortoiseshell    None reported  
 Peacock  7 January  Staverton near Trowbridge  Shelley Powell
 Comma  (CR)  11 January  Starlings Roost near Martinsell Hill  Simon Crampin 
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  15 May  Bentley Wood  Steve Covey, Wayne Clinch, Alan Thornbury 
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  28 April  Bentley Wood  Bentley Notebook. (via Craig Richardson)
 Dark Green Fritillary  12 June  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett, Charlie Hobbs
 Silver-washed Fritillary  12 June   Bentley Wood, Hawksgrove area  Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
 Marsh Fritillary (adult)  5 May  Bentley Wood  Craig Richardson
 Speckled Wood  1 April  Westbury garden  Nick Wynn
 Wall  3 May  Cotley Hill, Bratton Castle Earthworks transect  Nick Wynn
 Marbled White  10 June  West Yatton Down, DTE SP(C) The Bustard  Maurice Avent & Hugo Brooke, Steve Button
 Grayling  20 July  DTE SP(C), Enford Down  Stephen Edwards 
 Gatekeeper  21 June  Vernditch Chase  Colin Elford
 Meadow Brown  21 May  Calstone & Cherhill Downs (NT) near Calne  Judy Hible
 Ringlet  10 June  Vagg's Hill, DTE SP(C) The Bustard area,  Simon Young, Steve Button
 Small Heath  16 April  Stratton Wood, NE Swindon  Geoff Whittle
 Long-tailed Blue    None reported  
 Monarch (Unconfirmed)  5 October  DTE SP(C), Larkhill  Mike Lockwood


First Sightings 2013

CR = County Record


Common Name Date Location Recorders
Small Skipper  27 June  Bentley Wood  Dave Law
Essex Skipper  26 June  DTE SP(W), Zealland Cross  Rob Turner
Silver-spotted Skipper  1 August  Porton Down  Suart Corbett, Charlie Hobbs
Large Skipper  31 May  Bentley Wood  Steve Button
Dingy Skipper  7 May  Porton Down  Suart Corbett
Grizzled Skipper  25 April  Parsonage Down NNR, DTE SP(W) Battlesbury  Frank Woodward: Rob Turner
Clouded Yellow  8 June  Wessex Ridgeway near Corton  Malcolm Walsh
Brimstone  8 January  Blackmoor Copse WWT reserve  Sue Walker & Tony Goddard
Large White  18 April  Chippenham  Michael Sammes
Small White  8 April  Lover near Redlynch  Graham Owens
Green-veined White  19 April  Bradford-on-Avon, canal towpath  Mike Fuller
Orange-tip  6 April  DTE SP(E)   Mervyn Grist
Green Hairstreak  30 April  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
Brown Hairstreak  3 August  Chelworth near Cricklade  Robin Griffiths
Purple Hairstreak  29 June  Langley Wood NNR  Elizabeth Beer
White-letter Hairstreak  7 July  Green Lane Wood WWT reserve, Trowbridge  Tom & Jean Smith
Small Copper  17 May  Park Bottom near Sherrington  Gordon Mackie
Small Blue  16 May  Cotley Hill  Dave Simmonds
Silver-studded Blue  6 July  Landford Bog WWT reserve  Bob Spedding
Brown Argus  22 May  Figsbury Ring, West Yatton Down  Dave Lawman, Maurice Avent, Hugo Brooke
Common Blue  22 May  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Chalkhill Blue  7 July  Yeatman-Biggs Down  John Fishwick
Adonis Blue  31 May  Boscombe Down A transect  Tim Frawley, John English
Holly Blue  20 April  Conigre Mead, Melksham & Salisbury  Peter Sketch, Ruth Lockwood
Duke of Burgundy  5 May  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Frank & Christine Crosier
White Admiral  21 June  Grovely Wood   Frank & Christine Crosier
Purple Emperor  7 July  Bentley Wood   via Dave Lambert
Red Admiral (Equal CR)  1 January  Westbury Leigh garden  via Nick Wynn
Painted Lady  26 April  Grovely Wood  Frank & Christine Crosier
Small Tortoiseshell  15 February  Markham Banks near Wroughton and Rowde  Steve Covey, Arthur Bryant
Large Tortoiseshell    None reported   
Peacock  5 March

 Various localities

 5 recorders
Comma  5 March  Various localites  3 recorders
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  31 May  Bentley Wood  Rob Turner
Pearl-bordered Fritillary  7 May  Bentley Wood  Dave Lawman
Dark Green Fritillary  25 June  4 localities  6 recorders
Silver-washed Fritillary  29 June  Red Lodge Wood near Purton  Robin Griffiths
Marsh Fritillary  18 May  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
Speckled Wood  15 April  Blackmoor Copse WWT reserve  Roy & Sara Cowley
Wall  22 May  Cotley Hill near Heytesbury  Dave Simmonds
Marbled White  21 June      Boscombe Down  Tim Frawley
Grayling  25 July  Pound Bottom, Hamptworth Estate  Mike Fuller
Gatekeeper  30 June  Near Webb's Wood  Lysana Robinson
 Meadow Brown  4 June  DTE SP(E), Perham Ranges  John & Julie Moon
Ringlet  17 June  Bentley Wood  Steve Button
Small Heath  6 May  DTE SP(E) Bulford Field area  John & Julie Moon et al.
Long-tailed Blue  9 August  Idmiston near Salisbury  Jane Martin


First Sightings 2012

 CR = County Record


 Common Name  Date  Location  Recorders
 Small Skipper  19 June  Boscombe Down  Tim Frawley, John England
 Essex Skipper  21 June  Wadswick Common  Richard Pooley
 Silver-spotted Skipper  30 July  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
 Large Skipper  24 May  West Yatton Down  Hugo Brooke
 Dingy Skipper  21 April  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury   Barry Watts 
 Grizzled Skipper  (CR)  29 March  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
 Clouded Yellow  5 July  DTE SP(E), Everleigh Down  Linda Smith
 Brimstone  7 January  Boscombe/Amesbury  Dave Widgington
 Large White  25 March  Bradford-on-Avon   Malcolm Walsh
 Small White  1 March  North of Webbs Wood  Lysana Robinson
 Green-veined White  25 March  Berwick St James  Barbara Last
 Orange-tip  22 March  Nunton near Salisbury  Shirley Spencer
 Green Hairstreak   (CR)  1 April  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury   Frank & Christine Crosier
 Brown Hairstreak   3 August  Near Ravensroost Wood  Matthew Oates  
 Purple Hairstreak  30 June  Bentley Wood  Car Park Notebook (no name given)
 White-letter Hairstreak  5 July  Bentley Wood  David Lambert
 Small Copper  6 April  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
 Small Blue  30 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Michael Plaxton
 Silver-studded Blue  1 July  Landford Bog WWT reserve  Gordon Mackie & Peter Shallcross  
 Brown Argus  30 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Michael Plaxton
 Common Blue  30 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Michael Plaxton
 Chalkhill Blue  19 July  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent
 Adonis Blue  30 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Michael Plaxton
 Holly Blue   (CR)  22 January  Colerne-Ford country lane   Mervyn & Julie Tyte 
 Duke of Burgundy  30 April  Green Lane Wood WWT near Trowbridge  Brian Seaman
 White Admiral  24 June  Bentley Wood     Via David Lambert
 Purple Emperor  5 July  Bentley Wood  Richard Banbury
 Red Admiral  2 January  Bentley Wood & near Stockton  Paul Guymer, Stephanie Lockhart
 Painted Lady  16 May  Dinton Hill  John Fishwick
 Small Tortoiseshell  26 February  Honey Street  Malcolm Royal
 Large Tortoiseshell    None reported  
 Peacock  23 February  Alderbury  Gerald Nicholls
 Comma  1 March  Tisbury   via David Rear 
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  22 May  Bentley Wood  Rob Turner
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  (CR)  8 April  Bentley Wood  Sue Walker, Tony Goddard
 Dark Green Fritillary  16 June  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
 Silver-washed Fritillary  20 June  Bentley Wood  Brian Seaman
 Marsh Fritillary  30 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry  Michael Plaxton
 Speckled Wood  19 March  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
 Wall   11 May  Bratton Castle Earthworks  Mike Fuller
 Marbled White  15 June  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent, Hugo Brooke
 Grayling  22 August  DTE (SP(E), Perham Down, South Tidworth  Steve Button
 Gatekeeper   17 June  Westbury  Jennifer Yeadon
 Meadow Brown  2 June  Distillery Meadows, Minety  Paul Darby
 Ringlet  16 June  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
 Small Heath (Equal CR)  16 April  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Maurice Avent 








First Sightings 2011

CR = County Record

 Common Name  Date  Location  Recorders
 Small Skipper  11 June

 Picket Wood, Green Lane Wd.meadow 

 Mike Fuller, Audrey Brown
 Essex Skipper  (CR)  1 June  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Frank Lowe
 Silver-spotted Skipper  22 July  DTE SP(E) Beacon Hill  Steve Button
 Large Skipper  10 May  DTE SP(C), The Bustard Inn area   Steve Button
 Dingy Skipper  19 April  Upton Cow Down, Upton Scudamore  Nick Wynn
 Grizzled Skipper  9 April  Park Bottom, Sherrington  Nick Wynn et al.
 Clouded Yellow  10 May  Witherington Down, SE of Salisbury  Pat Woodruffe et al.
 Brimstone  8 January  Salisbury  via Maurice Avent
 Large White  7 April

 Lydiard Park, Swindon, DTE SP(C), Larkhill

 Terry & Gaynor Dabner, Steve Button
 Small White  17 March  Trowbridge    Mike Fuller
 Green-veined White  2 April  DTE SP(C), Larkhill  Steve Button
 Orange-tip  23 March  Woodfalls  Hazel Lewis
 Green Hairstreak  8 April  West Yatton Down near Castle Combe  Hugo Brooke,  Maurice Avent
 Brown Hairstreak (equal CR)  19 July  Near Minety   Matthew Oates (equals 2006 county record) 
 Purple Hairstreak  (CR)  13 June     Bentley Wood   David Lambert  
 White-letter Hairstreak (CR)  14 June  Bentley Wood  David Lambert 
 Small Copper  18 April  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
 Small Blue   (CR)  24 April   Park Bottom, Cotley Hill,  Chris Riley, Gordon Mackie, Steve Button 
 Silver-studded Blue  26 June  2 sites near Landford  Gordon Mackie, Peter Shallcross 
 Brown Argus  19 April  Cotley Hill  Steve Button
 Common Blue  23 April  Pewsey Downs NNR  Stuart Gough 
 Chalkhill Blue  4 July   DTE SP(W) West of the Warren  Nigel Cope
 Adonis Blue  23 April  Whitesheet Hill Quarry   David Rear, Mike Hannon
 Holly Blue  25 March  Westbury  Nick Wynn
 Duke of Burgundy  (CR)  8 April  Dean Hill Park, West Dean  Dave Lowe 
 White Admiral   (CR)  2 June  Bentley Wood  Notebook (via David Lambert) 
 Purple Emperor  24 June  Bentley Wood (Nature Notes)  Via David Lambert 
 Red Admiral  11 January  Swindon  Peter Brash (via Matthew Oates)
 Painted Lady  16 April  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Marc Taylor
 Small Tortoiseshell  8 January  Bradford-on-Avon garden  Bill Quantrill
 Large Tortoiseshell  10 May  Green Lane Wood, Trowbridge   Steve Covey, Dave Brotheridge
 Peacock  11 January  Bradford-on-Avon garden  Jonquil Burgess
 Comma  10 February  Salisbury garden   Tim Bail (via John Muggleton) 
 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  3 May  Bentley Wood  Nick Wynn
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary  19 April  Bentley Woods, Blackmoor Copse  Paul Guymer, Sue Walker, Tony Goddard
 Dark Green Fritillary  2 June  Grovely Wood  Frank & Christine Crosier
 Silver-washed Fritillary (CR)  3 June  Bentley Wood   Steve & Liz Oakes. A N Other 
 Marsh Fritillary  24 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Steve Button
 Speckled Wood  3 April  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
 Wall  24 April  Pewsey Downs NNR  Stuart Gough
 Marbled White  2 June  Boscombe Down  Tim Frawley
 Grayling    NONE reported   
 Gatekeeper  (CR)  11 June  Hazelbury Common  Alan Carpenter
 Meadow Brown  23 May  Castlefields, Calne   Terry Sparks
 Ringlet  7June  Bentley Wood  Steve Button
 Small Heath  21 April  DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill   Steve Covey, Marc Taylor 


First Sightings 2010

Common                Name                               

Date                  Location                                                      Recorders                                                                     
Small Skipper  11 June   Liddington near Swindon  Stephen Edwards 
Essex Skipper  12 June  Cherhill Down  Stuart Gough
Silver-spotted Skipper  27 July   DTE SP(E) Beacon Hill  Steve Button 
Large Skipper  17 May   Bentley Wood   Caroline Kelly 
Dingy Skipper  22 April  Boscombe Down   John England, Tim Frawley, David Widgington
Grizzled Skipper  19 April   Porton Down   Stuart Corbett, Charlie Hobbs
Clouded Yellow  16 June   Warminster  Dennis Jessup (via Tom Smith)
Brimstone  1 March   Wanborough, Clench Common   David Train, Ray Jenkins
Large White  9 April   Harnham near Salisbury  Pam Rouquette 
Small White  16 March   Bradford-on-Avon   Mike Fuller 
Green-veined White  8 April  Picket Wood  Nick Wynn
Orange-tip  8 April  West Yatton Down & Chittoe  Maurice Avent, Hugo Brooke, Bill Crowther 
Green Hairstreak  17 April   Pewsey Down NNR  Wayne Clinch
Brown Hairstreak  23 July   North Wilts WWT reserve   Stuart Gough 
Purple Hairstreak  22 June   Grovely Wood   Steve Button
White-letter Hairstreak  22 June  Grovely Wood  Steve Button 
Small Copper  23 April  Park Bottom   Nick Wynn
Long-tailed Blue  8 Sept  Marlborough   Christopher Bradford
Small Blue  7 May  Park Bottom   Gordon Mackie 
Silver-studded Blue  19 June  Hamptworth Estate  Steve Button
Brown Argus  10 May  West Yatton Down & Cotley Hill  Mike Dimery, Steve Button
Common Blue  6 May  Somerford Common & Boscombe Down  Terry & Gaynor Dabner, Tony Horner
Chalkhill Blue  3 July  DTE SP(E), Snail Down  Beryl Foote
Adonis Blue  13 May  Boscombe Down  Various recorders
Holly Blue  10 April  Biss Wood near Trowbridge  Audrey Brown
Duke of Burgundy  1 May  Dean Hill Park, West Dean  David Lowe 
White Admiral  23 June  Whiteparish Common, Bentley Wood, Black Dog Woods  Pat Woodruffe, Piers Mobsby, Steve Button

Purple Emperor (Equal CR)

 23 June  Black Dog Woods  Steve Button
Red Admiral  18 January   Stratton St Margaret near Swindon  Desmond Ponting
Painted Lady  9 April  Wellhead, Westbury  Mervyn Tyte

Small Tortoiseshell  (CR)

 1 January


 Geoff Brown

Large Tortoiseshell    None reported  
Peacock  6 January  Melksham  Rachel Honeysett 
Comma  2 March  Westbury garden  Nick Wynn
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  21 May  Bentley Wood  Alan Thornbury
Pearl-bordered Fritillary  30 April  Bentley Wood  via Roy Cowley
Dark Green Fritillary  9 June  DTE SP(W), Tilshead Down area  Marc Botham
Silver-washed Fritillary  10 June  Bentley Wood  Steve Button
Marsh Fritillary  17 May  Cotley Hill & a southern wood  Nick Wynn, Dan Hoare, Caroline Kelly
Speckled Wood  10 April   KAC, Clattinger Farm, Whaddon near Trowbridge  Mike Fuller, Wayne Clinch, Mike Hamzij
Wall  15 May  Bratton Castle  Various recorders
Marbled White  10 June  Boscombe Down  Tim Frawley, David Widgington
Grayling  19 July  Pound Bottom, Hamptworth Estate  Gordon Mackie
Gatekeeper  2 July  Swindon garden  Geoff Bown
Meadow Brown  21 May  Bratton Castle  Rob Turner
Ringlet  13 June  Red Lodge Wood near Purton  Frank and Paula Train
Small Heath  6 May  Martinsell Hill & Boscombe Down  Terry & Gaynor Dabner, Tony Horner


First Sightings 2009
Common Name                                      


Location                                          Recorder                               
Small Skipper  1 June   Picquet Hill, Bratton  Penny Aeberhard
Essex Skipper  11 June  DTE SP(W)  Tony Baden Fuller
Silver-spotted Skipper  30 July   Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
Large Skipper  23 May   West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Dingy Skipper  18 April  Boscombe Down   Wayne Clinch et al.
Grizzled Skipper  13 April   Waterhay CWP, Somerford Common  Richard Pooley, Stuart Gough
Clouded Yellow  25 May  Cockey Down, Laverstock  Piers Mobsby
Brimstone 11 February  Swindon  John Booth
Large White 16 March  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Small White 15 March   Trowbridge  Audrey Brown
Green-veined White  2 April  Bradford-on-Avon & Trowbridge   Mike Fuller, Audrey Brown
Orange-tip  30 March  Woodfalls near Downton  Hazel & Malcolm Lewis  
Green Hairstreak  16 April   Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
Brown Hairstreak  2 August  North Wilts   Matthew Oates 
Purple Hairstreak  23 June   Picket Wood  Mike Fuller
White-letter Hairstreak  26 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Small Copper  16 April  Upton Cow Down   Geoff Hobson
Small Blue  10 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  John Hutton
Silver-studded Blue  24 June  Hamptworth Estate  Gordon Mackie
Brown Argus  1 May  Grovely Wood & Pewsey Downs NNR  Gordon Mackie, Ray Jenkins
Common Blue  1 May  Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
Chalkhill Blue  16 July  Bratton Castle  Mike Fuller
Adonis Blue  10 May  Bratton Castle  Geoff Hiscocks
Holly Blue  16 April  Westbury garden  Nick Wynn
Duke of Burgundy  22 April  Dean Hill Park & Porton Down   David Lowe, Stuart Corbett 
White Admiral  13 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Purple Emperor  28 June  Bentley Wood  Mike Gibbons
Red Admiral  10 February  Alderbury garden  Rosemary Nicholls
Painted Lady  18 April  DTE SP(C), Chisenbury  Bob Hastie
Small Tortoiseshell  2 March  Roundway, Devizes  Beatrice Gillam
Large Tortoiseshell  28 April  Collingbourne Woods   Steve Button 
Peacock  14 February  Harnham garden  Pam Rouquette
Comma  7 March  Alderbury garden  Gerald Nicholls
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  10 May  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Pearl-bordered Fritillary  19 April  Bentley Wood (Hawksgrove)  Paul Guymer, David Lambert
Dark Green Fritillary  11 June  Chickengrove Bottom & DTE SP(W)  Nick Wynn, Toby Baden Fuller
Silver-washed Fritillary  11 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Marsh Fritillary  5 May  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Speckled Wood  30 March   Cotswold Water Park, Waterhay  Tom & Jean Smith
Wall  5 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
Marbled White  3 June  Oliver's Castle, Devizes  Philip Cleverly
Grayling  25 July  DTE SP(C), Enford Down  Stephen Edwards
Gatekeeper  13 July  Throope Hill  Viscount Head
Meadow Brown  2 June  DTE SP(W), Great Cheverell Hill  Nick Wynn
Ringlet  4 June  DTE SP(C), Orcheston Down   Sally Walker
Small Heath  19 April  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent et al.


First Sightings 2008
Common Name                                           


Location                                                   Recorder                                                 
Small Skipper  (CR)  29 May   DTE SP(W), Breach Hill  Tim Mann
Essex Skipper  9 June  DTE SP(W), Summer Down  Tony Baden Fuller
Silver-spotted Skipper  23 July   Porton Down  Stuart Corbett
Large Skipper  21 May   Cockey Down, Laverstock  Piers Mobsby
Dingy Skipper  27 April  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Grizzled Skipper  22 April   Middleton Down  Piers Mobsby
Clouded Yellow  31 May  Broken Cross, nr. Salisbury   Stuart Gough 
Brimstone  8 January  Bentley Wood  David Lambert
Large White  13 April   Bradford-on-Avon  Mike Fuller
Small White  3 March   Cockey Down South, Laverstock  Piers Mobsby
Green-veined White  4 April  Alderbury  Patricia Dashwood
Orange-tip  16 March  Alderbury  Gerald Nicholls
Green Hairstreak  26 April   DTE SP(E), Sidbury Hill  Mervyn Grist, Mike Wildish
Brown Hairstreak  27 July   North Wilts Wood  Matthew Oates
Purple Hairstreak  21 June   Red Lodge Wood  Tricia Portch
White-letter Hairstreak  5 July  Prickmoor Wood, Chittoe  Bruce Maxfield
Small Copper  27 April  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Long-tailed Blue    None reported  
Small Blue  10 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Nick Wynn
Silver-studded Blue  23 July  Pound Bottom, Hamptworth Estate  Arthur Bryant 
Brown Argus  7 May  West Yatton Down  Maurice Avent
Common Blue  7 May  Upton Cow Down  Geoff Hobson
Chalkhill Blue  22 July  Clearbury Down  Gordon Mackie
Adonis Blue  11 May

 Boscombe Down & Oliver's Castle (Devizes)

 Jon Millo, Philip Cleverly
Holly Blue  3 April  Westbury & Hilperton  Nick Wynn, Ian Bartlett
Duke of Burgundy  6 May  Dean Hill Park, West Dean  Mike Fuller et al.
White Admiral  20 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Purple Emperor  28 June  Bentley Wood  Mike Duffy
Red Admiral  14 January  West Swindon  Rebecca Harker
Painted Lady  14 May  DTE SP(E), Beach's Barn  Bob Hastie
Small Tortoiseshell  6 February  Hilperton

 Ian Bartlett

Large Tortoiseshell  24 April  Grovely Wood  Gordon Mackie
Peacock  28 January  Swindon  Martin Buckland
Comma  8 February  Picket Wood  Mike Fuller
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary  11 May  Bentley Wood  Barry Fox
Pearl-bordered Fritillary  3 May  Blackmoor Copse WWT reserve  Paul Guymer
Dark Green Fritillary  1 June  Upton Cow Down  Geoff Hobson
Silver-washed Fritillary  20 June  Bentley Wood  Via David Lambert
Marsh Fritillary  8 May  Cotley Hill, Heytesbury  Geoff Hobson
Speckled Wood  31 March  Bradford-on-Avon  Mike Fuller
Wall  26 April  Beacon Hill, Bromham  Bruce Maxfield
Marbled White  4 June  Boscombe Down  Tony Horner
Grayling  30 July  Pound Bottom, Hamptworth Estate   Gordon Mackie 
Gatekeeper  3 July  Biss Wood, Trowbridge  Audrey Brown
Meadow Brown  18 May  DTE SP(W), Imber ranges  Rob Turner
Ringlet  4 June  DTE SP(W), South Down Sleight  Tim Mann
Small Heath  4 May  RSPB reserve, Normanton Down  Trace Williams


First Sightings compared and averaged



Common Name  County Record 2008     2009   2010 2011 2012 Average
Small Skipper 29th May 2008  29 May  1 June  11 June 11 June 19 June  8th June
Essex Skipper 1st June 2011  9 June  11 June  12 June 1  June 21 June  10th June
Silver-spotted Skipper ? June 1974  23 July   30 July  27 July 22 July 30 July  26th July
Large Skipper 6th May 1893  21 May   23 May  17 May 10 May 24 May  19th May
Dingy Skipper 11th April 1893  27 April  18 April  22 April 19 April 21 April  21st April
Grizzled Skipper 29th March 2012  22 April   13 April  19 April 9 April 29 March   12th April
Clouded Yellow 6th April 2007  31 May  25 May  16 June 10 May 5 July  4th June
Brimstone 1st January 2000  8 January  11 February  1 March 8 January 7 January  25th January
Large White 6th March 1943  13 April   16 March  9 April 7 April 25 March  1st April
Small White 13th February 1998  3 March   15 March  16 March 17 March 22 march  14th March
Green-veined White 4th March 1868  4 April  2 April  8 April 2 April 25 March  2nd April
Orange-tip 11th March 2007  16 March  30 March  8 April 23 March 22 March  26th March
Green Hairstreak 1st April 2012  26 April   16 April  17 April 8 April 1 April  13th April
Brown Hairstreak 19th July 2011  27 July   2 August  23 July 19 July 3 August  27th July
Purple Hairstreak 13th June 2011  21 June   23 June  22 June 13 June 30 June  21st June
White-letter Hairstreak 16 June 1997  5 July  26 June  22 June 14 June 5 July  26th June
Small Copper 26th March 1997  27 April  16 April  23 April 18 April 6 April  18th April
Long-tailed Blue        8 Sept      
Small Blue 24th April 2011  10 May  10 May   7 May 24 April 13 May  6th May
Silver-studded Blue 5th June 1893  23 July  24 June  19 June 26 June 1 July  30th June
Brown Argus 15th April 2007  7 May  1 May  10 May 19 April 30 April  1st May
Common Blue 18th April 2007  7 May  1 May  6 May 23 April 30 April  1st May
Chalkhill Blue 22nd June 2001  22 July  16 July  3 July 4 July 19 July  12th July
Adonis Blue 23rd April 2011  11 May  10 May  13 May 23 April 30 April  5th May
Holly Blue 22 January 2012  3 April  16 April  10 April 25 March 22 January  22nd March
Duke of Burgundy 8th April 2011  6 May  22 April  1 May 8 April 30 April  25th April
White Admiral 2 June 2011  20 June  13 June  23 June 2 June 24 June  16th June
Purple Emperor 10th June 1893  28 June  28 June  23 June 26 June 5 July  28th June
Red Admiral 1st January 2007  14 January  10 February  18 January 11 January 2 January  17th January
Painted Lady 8th January 1899  14 May  18 April  9 April 16 April 16 May  26th April
Small Tortoiseshell 1st January 2010  6 February  2 March  1 January 8 January 26 February  1st February
Large Tortoiseshell    24 April     10 May    2nd May
Peacock 1st January 2000  28 January  14 February  6 January 11 January 23 February  28th January
Comma 23rd January 1969  8 February  7 March  2 March 10 February 1 March  22nd February
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 7th May 1882  11 May  10 May  21 May 3 May 22 May  13th May
Pearl-bordered Fritillary 16th April 2007  3 May  19 April  30 April 19 April 8 April  21st April
Dark Green Fritillary 24th May 1987  1 June  11 June  9 June 2 June 16 June  7th June
Silver-washed Fritillary 3rd June 2011  20 June  11 June  10 June 3 June 20 June  12th June
Marsh Fritillary 21st April 2007  8 May  5 May  17 May 24 May 30 April  10th May
Speckled Wood 24th January 1998  31 March  30 March  10 April 3 April 25 March  1st April
Wall 24th April 2007  26 April  5 May  15 May 24 April 11 May  4th May
Marbled White 1st June 2007  4 June  3 June  10 June 2 June 15 June  6th June
Grayling 10th July 1984  30 July  25 July  19 July   22 August  31st July
Gatekeeper 11th June 2011  3 July  13 June  2 July 11 June 17 June  21nd June
Meadow Brown 30th April 1921  18 May  2 June  21 May 23 May 2 June  25rd May
Ringlet 1st June 2007  4 June  4 June  13 June 7 June 16 June  8th June
Small Heath 16th April 2007, 2012  4 May  19th April  6 May 21 April 16 April  26th April