Do you have photographs taken in Wiltshire of butterflies or moths that you would like to share with other visitors to this website? If so then we would like you to open a Flickr account, and link your butterfly photo's to our Flickr group below.



Q> What is Flickr?  Flickr is a photo sharing website.

Q> Is Flickr Free?  Yes, you can join Flickr for free, but they also have a subscription option.

Q> How do I join the Flickr "Wiltshire Butterflies and Moths" group? Just search for Wiltshire Butterflies and select join.

Q> How do I link my photo's with "Wiltshire Butterflies and Moths"  Once you have joined the Wiltshire Butterflies and moths group you can link any of your photo's on your Flickr page. Use the Actions Menu; add to group.

You can also link your photo's on Flickr when you submit your Online Sightings.

Your Photographs on Flickr

Small Skipper      
Essex Skipper      
Silver-spotted Skipper      
Large Skipper      
Dingy Skipper      
Grizzled Skipper      
Clouded Yellow      
Large White      
Small White      
Green-veined White      
Green Hairstreak      
Brown Hairstreak      
Purple Hairstreak      
White-letter Hairstreak      
Small Copper      
Small Blue      
Silver-studded Blue      
Brown Argus      
Common Blue      
Chalkhill Blue      
Adonis Blue      
Holly Blue      
Duke of Burgundy      
White Admiral      
Purple Emperor      
Red Admiral
Painted Lady      
Small Tortoiseshell      
Large Tortoiseshell      
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary      
Pearl-bordered Fritillary      
Dark Green Fritillary      
Silver-washed Fritillary      
Marsh Fritillary      
Speckled Wood      
Marbled White      
Meadow Brown